Intelligence Solutions

Whether your focus is equipment, forces, organisations, business, markets or geopolitics, Jane’s is the authoritative source. No other organisation offers a comparable breadth of coverage or depth of proven expertise. That’s why Jane’s is trusted by clients from more than 180 countries worldwide to provide the latest news and most penetrating analysis.
Our extensive open source intelligence is able to be tailored to your needs. It is also available through a wide range of delivery options, for seamless integration into your own intelligence and decision-making processes. Ongoing support and training are always available.
In the specialist fields of defence, security, public safety, transport and law enforcement, Jane’s intelligence is a ‘must have’ resource for our clients, who can trust our intelligence over that from any other open source.
Jane’s information is available in a variety of electronic and print formats. More about our electronic options may be found here.
Jane’s Intelligence Centres pull together reference, news, analysis and imagery into complementary online groups of data, accessible by region/country and subject.
Intelligence Centres: Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Assessments (JCBRN), Defence Budgets, Defence Equipment & Technology, Defence Procurement, DS Forecast, Defence Industry & Markets, Military & Security Assessments, Terrorism and Insurgency Centre
Fast and focused – advanced functionality enables the quickest access to relevant information.
Flexible – increased efficiency with a combination of advanced search technology and browsing, plus personalised toolsets and data output capabilities.
Knowledge discovery – new data structure ensures the return of all key information, giving you peace of mind that nothing relevant is missed and every avenue of investigation is uncovered.
Contents – News, Reference, Analysis, Market overviews, Defence budgets, Summary tables and spreadsheets, Acronym finder.
Features – Enhanced navigation, New search options, Subject categorisation, E-mail alerts, Saved searches
Targeted content for these key tasks – Business Development, Business/Market Analysis, Corporate Security, Defence Analysis, OSINT Analysis, Library Management, Marketing, Military Operations, National Security, Procurement, Product Development, Product Engineering, Project Management, Research & Development, Training.

Terrorism and Insurgency Centre

The most comprehensive and authoritative source of the latest global terrorism-related news, analysis, reference and events.
This unique service brings you the latest terrorism news, exclusive features, detailed reference and an interactive terrorist events database with an eight-year archive, giving you the most reliable and extensive collection of open source terrorism-related intelligence available. By subscribing to this Intelligence Centre you will have access to the most advanced search tools allowing you to quickly and effectively go directly to the information you are seeking and identify the nature of the terrorist threat you face. Regular access to this comprehensive data source will ultimately help you: Gain a complete profile of the world’s significant terrorist, guerrilla and insurgent groups. Analyse terrorist activity by a wide range of criteria, including by group, country of origin, tactics, targets, political, religious or other affiliations. Discover on a daily basis the latest activities of terrorist and insurgent groups using the interactive events database. Undertake analysis of terrorist activity using the eight-year archive of events and an up-to 10-year archive of related thematic analysis on issues such as terrorism financing and radicalisation. Maintain a global perspective on terrorist activity and confidently assess the risks affecting your country or organisation’s economic or strategic interests.

Key features include:

A powerful, interactive terrorist events database that is updated twice daily
Over 240 regularly updated terrorist and insurgent group profiles
Discover on a daily basis the latest activities of terrorist and insurgent groups using the interactive events database.
Undertake analysis of terrorist activity using the seven-year archive of events and an up-to ten-year archive of related news and features
Thematic analysis and country threat
Archived data for news and events
Weekly briefings analysing a recent significant terrorism event or issue
Daily news digest (hourly news feed provided by NewsEdge)
Three daily e-mails to your desktop via ‘JTIC Flashpoints’
Case studies investigating major terrorism incidents
Graphed country statistics


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